Are You a Dunker?

I was discussing the fine art of dunking today with my friend, Amber. You know, when you dunk a cookie, danish or donut into your beverage. I am definitely a dunker, but there are, of course, certain rules and etiquette involved in said dunking.First of all the item being dunked has to be of the sweet, dessert family; preferably of the cookie genre. My personal favorite is the double-stuffed Oreo. The beverage in which you are dunking is just as important as the item being dunked. Again my personal preference for a dunking beverage is milk – ice cold and in a glass made of glass. No plastic! Milk must always be served in a glass glass. I know, I’m a little pathological about milk but that’s another blog for another day.

So back to dunking; pour the milk into the glass leaving about 1 ½ inches of room at the top. This will give you plenty of space to dunk your Oreo. Timing is also crucial. You need to leave the cookie in the milk for about 10-12 seconds. You might need to alter this timing based on your sogginess factor preference. Don’t leave the cookie in too long or you will find yourself fishing your Oreo out of the bottom of your glass. Amateurs should keep a spoon near by in case of cookie loss. Be careful not to squeeze the cookie too tightly or the sandwich cookie pieces will flip apart and break in your hand. This is also known to cause cookie loss.

It is also important to try to work out the proper milk to cookie ratio. You know, so that you end up having the right amount of milk for the number of cookies you want to eat. Of course, in case the ratio doesn’t work out you can always pour more milk and eat more cookies and until you feel you have reached the proper balance.

You can always substitute chocolate chip cookies or your favorite treat but I cannot vouch for the timing, consistency or taste on any type of cookie other than the Oreo. My advice would be to stock up on milk and your favorite cookies and perform your own scientific experiment. Be sure to leave your results here in the comments area. We dunkers have to stick together and help each other out.

Happy dunking!



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5 responses to “Are You a Dunker?

  1. Anonymous

    I like Oreos too!


  2. Anonymous

    Oreos are the only cookies worth the effort of “dunking” in my opinion. And you are so right about the time in which dunking should take place. It’s crucial! My oreos have to be so soaked with milk that they barely stay together. But you have to know when to pull them out so as not to have them crunchy, but not a mushy mess either. Ya know, I wish we had some Oreos right about now….May I’ll go get some from the store!!

  3. Anonymous

    That last entry was from your niece if you wanted to know…I always forget to state my identity (in a way that is discrete and only known by you.)

  4. Anonymous

    No dunking! It contaminates the ice cold milk in the “glass” glass.
    Pathologically yours,

  5. amber

    chips ahoy are my cookies of choice.

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