“Life is like a musical when you’re with mom.”

I have a habit that some folks might find annoying but that I really can’t control. I often find that pieces of everyday conversations make me think of certain songs and unable to contain myself (“I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it…”) I start singing these songs out loud (“Don’t cry out loud…”). My kids say that “life is like a musical when you’re with mom”. As my middle son G has said, “You know it’s like when in the movies and people are talking or just walking along (“I was walking along minding my business…”) and they just randomly break into a song (“I write the songs that make the whole world sing…”).”Well, evidently that’s what life is like with me. I just can’t help it (“Help, I need somebody”). I hear something in the middle of a conversation (“Stuck in the middle with you…”) and I just immediately associate it with a song (“Song sung blue, everybody knows one…”) and then before I know it the song is coming out of my mouth and the moment has become a musical interlude. It’s not that I think that I’m some great singer or that I’m hoping to be discovered and put on stage or win a recording contract or anything. I just love music! (“I’ve got the music in me, I’ve got the music in me…”) Everything triggers a song, as my friend Helen would say.

I’ve even been called a walking i-pod. Just say a word or a phrase and I’m off singing a song (“Sing, sing a song…”) that has the same word or phrase in it. I’m not sure if it’s a gift or a curse, but it can be entertaining, challenging and even embarrassing if you’re one of my boys (“The boys are back in town…”) and you’re out in public with me.

I never know when it might happen or what kind of song it might be. All I can say is…”That’s Entertainment”!



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3 responses to ““Life is like a musical when you’re with mom.”

  1. Anonymous

    What do you want to bet I go to bed singing one of these songs?!
    Thanks- TGC

  2. amber

    i had a friend in high school who i used to have conversations w/ only using words from songs. we would do that during lunch to pass the time. singing is so much fun!

  3. Anonymous

    Just another one of the many ways you and my mom are so alike. We hear “Sing, sing a song…” quite often. And any John Denver song that applies to the conversation, such as “I’m leaving on a jetplane…” What’s fun is to sing a different song when she’s singing to throw her out of tune. Surprisingly, she can hold her own. -Niece

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