Happy Birthday to Me!

Last Thursday was my birthday. Funny but I don’t feel like am I in my early 40’s. I actually remember when my parents were in their 40’s and that doesn’t really seem that long ago.I stated in an earlier post that I enjoy being a 40-something woman (43 actually) who knows what she likes and who can do pretty much want she wants (well you know within the moral, legal, non-fattening parameters that guide good judgment). So in keeping with that train of thought, I decide that this year I was going to throw my own birthday party.

As an adult, I have never had anyone give me a birthday party. Now don’t be sad because I’m not. It really has worked out for the best that way. You see I am terribly picky about stuff and I don’t like to be surprised. So the best way to handle my birthday was to give myself a party. And boy did it turn out great; even if I do say so myself.

I had 13 of my best girlfriends over to sing karaoke in my basement. I know what you’re thinking…14 women singing karaoke in a basement. What kind of fun is that? Well, it was just about the most fun I have ever had! Everyone sang and laughed and ate and laughed and sang and laughed some more. I was crowned “Miss Steak” (inside joke) and got to wear a crown, feather boa and sport a magical, blinking wand. And I received a bouquet of roses not to mention some fabulous gifts and prizes along with some hilarious cards. Now, you tell me; does it get any better than that?

We sang until the wee hours of the morning until the die-hards (I won’t mention any names but you know who you are) left and went home. When it was all over, I realized that had thrown myself the best birthday party ever. So thank me and thanks to all my singing gal pals who made it such a wonderful night. I guess I need to go ahead and start planning next year’s party because I refuse to be outdone – even by me!



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4 responses to “Happy Birthday to Me!

  1. Anonymous

    Glad you had fun!! Sorry I missed it. Next year, for sure.

  2. Anonymous

    I consider it an honor to be considered one of your “best girlfriends” !! I too had a blast but wish I could have been one of the “unmentioned” that stayed til the wee hours!

    Can’t wait ’til next year!

    Love ya girl – Lisa

  3. Anonymous

    I can’t wait for your next birthday party you give yourself–it was great fun!!! I cherish being a “best girlfriend” and love the karaoke!!!

    Love ya, Melinda

  4. Anonymous

    I think I’m going to post this photo on our reunion website! I finally got around to checking out your blog and it’s great. My question is which song, or songs, did you sing to? Did “Devo” make the cut?

    Love, “lolapamelia”

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