A Kitty Calamity

We’ve been rather busy lately with some major home improvement projects. One of which is building a bathroom in our basement. Well, we’re not building it, but my brother is. Anyway, things have been in a bit of turmoil with this project going on. So it didn’t come as a surprise when our cat, Murphy, went missing for about a day. Anything longer than a day and we start to worry because Murphy really likes to eat. No, I mean HE REALLY LIKES TO EAT! So, since he hadn’t shown up for his regular dinner time, my husband went looking for him and calling his name. Soon mournful meows could be heard from the vicinity of the basement. Thinking he might be trapped in the “under construction bathroom”, my husband went looking. No Murphy. Just meows. The cat had somehow and for some unknown reason decided to climb a ladder in the “under construction bathroom” and crawl into the ceiling space in the basement. Now one of our rooms in the basement has a drop ceiling. Could he be trapped in that portion of the basement? NO! Murphy decided to get a little alone time in the sheet rocked portion of the basement ceiling. Now I ‘m not opposed to a little “me” time. I love to escape the everyday pressures of life by hiding away from the world every once in a while. But Murphy for some unknown reason decided he was not going to come out of the basement ceiling. Not a good idea! After 4 days of coaxing, cajoling and trying to convince this cat that it was in his best interest to leave the dark, insulated recesses of the basement ceiling, we realized he was not coming out. Almost 8 hours had passed since we had heard or seen Murphy and we were beginning to fear for his health and safety. So—–it became painfully obvious that drastic measures were needed. We were going to have to cut holes in the ceiling of our basement; a perfectly good, sheet rocked ceiling! I would like to say that the tears I was holding back were for the cat. Alas, that was not the case. I was practically crying as I watched my husband take a saw then a claw hammer to the pretty, white expanse of ceiling in not one, but two rooms, as we searched for the cat. After a wild chase through the bowels of our basement’s ceiling and after several holes (one was my contribution in the drop ceiling tiles) we finally cornered the cat and was able to grab him and drag him out of hiding. I’ve been assured that the damage can be easily repaired. I guess that’s so. It’s just hard when you’re trying to complete a “construction” project and it turns into a “destruction” project. Such is life. By the way has anyone seen the cat lately?



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3 responses to “A Kitty Calamity

  1. Anonymous

    Ah, the joys of pet ownership! “Superson” will fix it – it’ll be fine. Funny story, tho.

  2. Anonymous

    Poor Murphy! Oh, and sorry about the ceiling…

  3. Anonymous

    Bootsie…..tell us a story!

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