School’s Out For Summer!

Well, the boys are out of school. They have been out for 3 weeks now and let’s see, my grocery bill has gone up, the laundry piles have grown to towering proportions and the sighs of “I’m bored” are already ringing through the house.

I had been warned by other parents of boys that there would come a time when mine would start to eat me out of house and home. Well, that day has come. They eat all the time! They are like a plague of locust that destroys and decimates everything in its path. In this case that would be my pantry, freezer and refrigerator. I buy groceries one day and with 48 hours I’m hearing, “there’s nothing to eat around here.” Yes, that’s true because you’ve eaten everything in the house.

Then there is the laundry. Never let it be said that girls are the only ones that like to change their clothes 2-3 times day; at least when the boys are in school they are only dirtying one outfit a day. And does my 14 year old have to take three showers a day? Apparently! Then after the shower he baths in Axe spray. Oh, my gosh!

“I’m bored!” Okay, let’s clean up your rooms, organize your closets and possibly do some of that laundry that is creeping out of your rooms and into the hallway. “No, we want to do something fun!” Oh, okay – I have an idea let’s go on a hunger strike. Puzzled looks. “No. Mom, we want to go shopping.” Well, now you’re speaking my language!

Summers are short now and the lazy days of my own childhood summers are but a distant memory. We played outside all day with only the occasional lunch and dinner breaks. Then we would head back out after dark to catch lightening bugs and play hide and seek in the dark. There were no CDs, DVDs, iPods, X boxes, etc. Just an old mason jar and more lightening bugs than you could count or catch.

I don’t see too many lightening bugs anymore, even out here in the suburbs, but I have plenty laundry, no groceries and three boys that I wouldn’t trade for anything. I don’t know what they’re talking about – life is never boring for me!


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  1. amber

    i’m going to side w/ your sons on wanting to do something fun. being outside is great. amazingly fun!

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