It’s a High Top World

It seems that some things really do never go out of fashion. Take for instance the timeless style of the Converse All Star Chuck Taylor High Top basketball shoes. What started out as a favorite of professional athletes has become a fashion statement for people of all ages. These shoes have become icons not only in fashion but pop culture as well. You see them worn by in popular movies and TV shows all the time. (Rocky Balboa wore them during his famous run through Philadelphia in the movie “Rocky”) And it would seem they have invaded my household as well.Converse High Tops (aka “Chucks”) are the oldest, most popular and best selling sneakers of all time. The Converse Rubber Company produced its first version of the popular shoe in 1917. It only came in one color – black. Of course today you can find them in a plethora of colors and designs. My boys, being the fashion experts they are, decided to stick with the traditional look.

What makes these shoes so popular? They are not the most high tech engineered shoe created for your feet. So it can’t be that. They don’t carry the name or logo of some fancy designer who is all the rage. I would venture to guess that today’s kids don’t know who Chuck Taylor is; most have probably never even heard of him. So it can’t be that.

Could it be that these shoes are the perfect blend of comfort, style and nostalgia? For my boys it’s a matter of wearing a comfortable shoe that is also a popular fashion trend. For many others maybe they are a reminder of simpler times. No cross trainers, running shoes, tennis shoes, “Air” this or that; nothing fancy or complicated, just a pair of simple canvas shoes with white shoelaces. Except for the addition of different colors, the shoes have not changed through the years and show no signs of going out of style. How many other things can that be said about these days?



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4 responses to “It’s a High Top World

  1. amber

    so growing up i always wanted a pair of pink converse, but our shoes were always purchased at walmart…sigh. then when i was in 8th grade, i got a fake plaid pair from payless. i always thought it was way cool when kids got to wear two dif colors at the same time. so cool. converse are great!

  2. Jessica

    too bad when i wear converse @ my school, kids made fun of me…yes, tear! Only the punks wore converse in my school, and im very far from punk, but hey, i love the shoes so i wear em!

    i commented on your xanga, but im not sure if you look @ it anymore, but oh well.
    Your dog is ADORABLE!

    I think im about to go to Famous footwear 2 get another pear of converse, if i can get my dad 2 take me; my practice was half rained out (yes!!)so we have a little time to spare!

    Bob’s friend. jess

  3. Jessica

    but I’m sorry about the prank phone calls! I hope we didn’t bug you!

  4. Jackie

    Can’t wait to see those high tops!
    Uncle Bob says hey.

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