If you smell something good, it’s me!

With three boys it seems impossible sometimes to spend any time alone with them. I’ve always tried to make time with each one by going on little “date nights” with them. My most recent date was with our youngest, J. We stopped by DQ for a little ice cream and then went to do a little Halloween shopping. We were looking for costume ideas and I knew that he would be disappointed if we came home empty handed. We finally ended up at our favorite place, Wal-Mart. Of course he found the perfect Ninja costume, but only after a long discussion about whether we should get the red or the blue one. He held them both up and asked me,”Which one looks best with my hair?”. We went with the blue.

My baby is growing up way too fast. I can tell he’s watching his older brothers and starting to imitate everything they do. On the way to school the other morning he tells me, “I’m wearing deodorant, mom. So if you smell something good, it’s me.” I had to turn my head and bite my tongue to keep from laughing out loud. There is a girl out there somewhere who will join him someday on a real date night and I hope she will appreciate the fact that he smells good.



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2 responses to “If you smell something good, it’s me!

  1. Anonymous

    He’s a funny boy, he is. My baby has been telling me “No Deal” today. Kids….funny stuff!


  2. amber

    so funny and way cute

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