Adventures in Babysitting

Since I’m always sharing the funny stories and weird goings-on around my house, I thought I would include some items from a recent “babysitting” experieince my niece had with our boys. The following is her account of the evening.


Thought I’d share some of your sons’ funny moments from the other night.

  1. So we are at Stevie B’s eating pizza and G wanted to get a little bowl of ice cream. So he gets up and walks over to the ice cream thing. I’m talking to J and trying to keep an eye on G, when I suddenly realize that your eldest son is shaking parmesan cheese into G’s drink. So, I’m like “M, are you crazy?! Don’t do that!” By that time it’s too late, and G’s drink is a cheesy mess. Well, once M puts the cheese down, J pipes up and says “Ok! My turn!!” And he picks up the cheese and starts to shake it in his own drink. We were all like “J! You don’t put it in your own drink!” He stopped and goes “Oh…” He totally missed that it was a prank on G. I’ve decided that he’s a true blonde at heart. I have now started referring to my “blonde moments” as “J moments”. Ya gotta love him! (Oh and don’t worry. M gave G his drink.)
  2. Then we are playing putt-putt, and J decides to inform us all of what color his poop was at Stevi B’s. Nice.
  3. On one of the last holes, I had my back to G and M. M was standing on the walkway, and G was standing partly on the walkway and partly on the grass. Right next the the grassy area was a little stream. M I guess nudged G, and G lost his balance and fell backwards. G lands on his butt and his putter lands in the stream, only he’s still holding onto it. I turn around and see his club in the water and go “G, stop playing in the water.” Yeah, I felt bad after M explained what happened, but we were all laughing about it.
  4. So we’re driving back to the house after putt-putt. Andy changed lanes, and J says real concerned and serious “Mom says you’re never supposed to change lanes!”
  5. M had just gone up to bed. After a little while I hear someone walking around up there. I just figure it’s one of the boys going the bathroom, so I wait to see if they go back to bed. After a bit it gets quiet. Next thing I know, I hear two loud BANG!s. I called up the stairs, and M comes down. He explains that he was laying in bed and he felt something crawl across his forehead and jump on his face. He said he flew out of the bed and turned the light on to find a big ol’ cockroach on the floor. He squashed it, which was the big BANG!

They were fun and really good. If you need someone to hang out with them again, let me know. Seeya!!


I found out later that M had actually shot at the bug with his air soft gun. In the end he had to use a shoe. So much for the arms race, huh?



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4 responses to “Adventures in Babysitting

  1. Anonymous

    That made me LOL all over again. What goofballs you have!

  2. Anonymous

    Haha! -Niece/Babysitter

  3. Mel

    Of the whole story what I can’t believe is that there was a bug alive in your house!! After all, D is in the business–ha@

  4. Jackie

    Yeah, of the stuff I was told about what went on that evening I was most upset by the fact that there was a bug in my house! You can count on the fact that I had words with my “bug man”.

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