Junk Drawer

It’s the dirty little secret we all have. It’s the place we hide all the stuff in our lives that we have no clue what to do with. We all have one whether we want to admit it or not. I’ve even decided to reveal mine to my blog reading audience – all 3 of you that is!

I’m talking of course about the infamous “junk drawer”. If you are the least bit human, you have at least one of these in your home. Mine is actually the first drawer you come to in the kitchen. It has become the dumping ground for all things that have no home, don’t match, are broken with the intent of being fixed, are missing pieces that I still have hopes of finding one day or have just been “temporarily” placed there until I find the time to put them where they really belong.

My junk drawer is a mis-matched collection of everything from scissors to a map of waterfalls in the Great Smokey Mountains. Some of the items are actually useful, but in time of need I doubt I would be able to find them. When things go into the junk drawer they are often forgotten. They are only remembered during brief glimpses when the drawer is opened to add another item. It’s kind of sad to think that there are things in my junk drawer that I could be using on an everyday basis. The only reason I’m not is because they are hidden from view and memory. Or is it maybe because these things really are junk? You decide. Here is just a small list of some of the things I found lurking in my junk drawer:

Assorted keys that go to who knows what (I think the keys to the house I grew up in are in there)

Deck of cards – missing the Jack of spades, 4 of hearts and 6 of clubs (gin rummy anyone?)

Roll of yellow curling ribbon (for wrapping a present maybe?)

6.0V rechargeable battery (?)

Epi-pen (no one in our household has allergies)

Dry erase board marker (I don’t have a dry erase board)

Green floral wire (?)

Child safety latches (my youngest is 7)

An electric Remington lint remover (now that might actually come in handy)

Care to share what’s in your junk drawer?



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4 responses to “Junk Drawer

  1. Anonymous

    Ya know, I think I have keys to that house, too. I don’t have a drawer, I have a basket – and I’ll have to go have a look see before I report it’s contents. Be right back….


  2. amber

    a couple years ago I cleaned out all my junk drawers. now the junk is organized by category in other drawers.
    here are some suggestions for what to do with your junk:
    keys–you can make a beautiful fashion necklace; cards–make a card castle; yellow curling ribbon–would make really cute curly-ques in your hair; battery–give to one of the annoying neighbor children to do the licking experiment; dry erase marker–actually, you can use these on your mirror; green floral wire–cut into little pieces to use as toothpicks (since they are already in the kitchen); electric lint remover–I didn’t know these came in electric, you should totally be using that; child safety latches–use these as shoestring decorations

  3. Anonymous

    Ummm….Mom? She never came back. What a dork. Anyway, Auntie J., I completely relate to you on this subject. Unfortunately, my car is my junk drawer. I have shoes, water bottles, receipts from everywhere (especially gas stations), one of P.’s baby toys (not sure how that got there and for how long it’s been there….), mapquest directions (I’m directionally challenged.),cd cases (not unusual, I guess), a little box of coins, 3 jackets (I forget to bring them inside in the evenings, so the next day I grab another one and they continue to multiply in my passenger seat), and…I can’t think of anything else at the moment. But yeah! There ya go. I’ll call you about that shopping trip! -Niece

  4. Jackie

    I feel better already knowing that I’m not the only one with “junk” in my drawers. Well, that didn’t come out quite right, now did it? Anyway, you know what I mean. 😉

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