What’s the Plural of Pleurisy

Our three boys were all sick with the flu the week after Christmas. It was a terrible way to spend the second week of their Christmas break, but we were also thankful that they didn’t miss any school due to their illness. The whole time they were sick I kept praying that I wouldn’t sick. Not so much from a selfish “I don’t want to be sick” perspective, but more of a “I need to stay healthy so I can take of my kids” perspective. God was faithful to answer that prayer. I never came down with the flu. They went back to school and I went back to work and we all seemed to be back into our routines. Then it started; a very small, dry, hacking cough. No congestion, no fever, no chills. Just a cough that seemed to progress into a sort of wheezing that was more irritating than anything. I took some over the counter cough medicine a couple of nights – more for my husband than for me. I just felt like I was probably keeping him up with my coughing. Then Friday night while driving home from scrapbooking with the girls, I felt this terrible pain in my chest and back. Pulled muscle? It didn’t really feel like it and it only hurt when I breathed. Both in and out! Now that’s a problem. The pain progressed over the weekend until I was finally forced to visit the Urgent Care place after church today. By this time I was in a lot of pain, having difficulty breathing and feeling pretty rotten. Well, a quick chest x-ray and a doctor’s visit later revealed bronchitis and pleurisy. Pleurisy by the way is inflammation between the 2 linings that protect your lungs and chest cavity. I don’t think I ever realized I had these linings, or pleura as they are known in the medical world, until now. And after this I don’t think I’ll ever forget or take them for granted. The doctor said I should be feeling better in a few days. I have lots of medicines and inhalers, etc. that should help with my recovery. Until then I’ll take it easy, drink lots of fluid and look forward to having healthy pleura once again.Interesting fact: When I Googled the word pleurisy to learn more about it, I also discovered that there is death metal band in Holland named Pleurisy. Now I’ve never heard any of their music but, I’m probably as big a fan of the band Pleurisy as I am of the illness. They both inflict pain!



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7 responses to “What’s the Plural of Pleurisy

  1. Anonymous

    Hurry and get better!! We’ve only got 86 more days to get ready.


    P.S. I like the weather thingie.

  2. amber

    the interesting fact is very interesting.
    hope you feel better!

  3. amber

    we watched a video about charles wesley in class this morning. he had pleurisy, and i was really excited that i knew what that was and had to share it with you.

  4. Jackie

    Amber, I’m so glad I could provide such a public service in the midst of my pain and suffering.

  5. Anonymous

    I hear the recovery time is taking a little longer than you had hoped. I hope you feel better a.s.a.p.. Not only for your benefit, but for me and my mom as well. My mom needs someone to share her “Irish” excitement with. I’ve been hearing all kinds of random Ireland facts and how her new 9 piece luggage “was a bargain!” For my sanity and my mom’s boiling excitement as the day apporaches, WE NEED YOU BACK IN YOUR HEALTHY CONDITION to play your vital role in our lives!!! Love ya! Feel better. -Niece

  6. Anonymous

    Just for the record, it’s 11 pieces of luggage. Otherwise, she’s right – GET BETTER!!!!


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