Zooming to the Stuff!

My 7 year old has always been a virtual gold mine for blogging inspiration. I’m glad to report that once again he has not disappointed. His latest saying has already been incorporated into our family’s everyday conversations. In fact I look for every possible opportunity to use it because it is so much fun to say. Zooming to the stuff! It originated as his description of how he moves the basketball down the court and drives to the basket to score during a game. Zooming to the stuff! But we have found many other ways to use this great little phrase.

1.) I was shopping the other day and found this great deal on sweaters from the 70% off rack. I was “zooming to the stuff”.
2.) I beat this guy off the line at the red light yesterday in my mini van. I was “zooming to the stuff”.
3.) I did 7 loads of laundry in one day. I was “zooming to the stuff”.
You try it and let me know how you been “zooming it to the stuff”.



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2 responses to “Zooming to the Stuff!

  1. amber

    so if zooming to the stuff means refreshing this page several times (because i’m using dial-up) just to leave a comment, then i totally zoomed to the stuff!

  2. Anonymous

    I keep watching this countdown clock steadily tick away a day at a time, and realize that we’re “zooming to the stuff”!!! Cool.


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