Always After ‘Me Lucky Charms

Can you believe it? Only 37 days until we go to Ireland. Okay the “we” part is for all of you reading this that are going on the same trip. The rest of you will just have to live through “us” vicariously!

So let’s see, I have my passport – check. I have… I really have to make a packing list. Because I only have 37 days left!



Filed under An Irish Tale

3 responses to “Always After ‘Me Lucky Charms

  1. Anonymous

    We say “they’re always after me lucky charms” – drives the kiddos crazy. It’s nuts how fast the time is passing, I can’t wait!


  2. Anonymous

    You guys are so wierd. You have over a month and you’re already thinking about a packing list. Seriously, have you all ever heard of procrastination? Working under pressure at the last minute? 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    Heard of it?? I’ve seen it in action – remember, I live with you!


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