The Ice Cream Man Cometh!

While the calendar doesn’t “officially” recognize it as being springtime yet, I can guarantee you that kids in our neighborhood have proclaimed it to be spring. They received their first visit of the season from the ever popular “Ice Cream Man”. As soon the music and bells reached their little ears they were begging for money from their parents. You could feel the excitement as the kids scrambled for loose change and dollar bills. You see, the cost of ice cream from the “Ice Cream Man” has gone up. It seems that you can’t really get anything for less than a dollar these days. Nevertheless, it is still a wonderful moment in any child’s life when they hear the magical music of the ice cream truck and they pick out some wonderful, cold treat and sit on the warm sidewalk while the sweet treat melts and drips all over their hands. Ice cream, kids and springtime – a perfect combination!


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One response to “The Ice Cream Man Cometh!

  1. amber

    the ice cream man hasn’t come around here yet. however, he did keep driving around until the middle of november when it was 50 outside! i think he’s from alaska.

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