Beyond a Bag Super Tote

Suitcase – check

Travel sized toiletries – check

Comfortable walking shoes – check

The perfect carry on bag – I’m still waiting for it to arrive

I ordered this new travel bag that I intend to use as my carry on and day bag during my trip. I hope it’s everything it’s supposed to be. The right bag is so important to a trip like this. It has to hold your snacks, sunglasses, lip balm, water bottle, and whatever other incidentals that get stuffed into it along the way. Check out my choice and let me know what you think. I’ll let you know when it arrives if it fits the bill. And, yes! I ordered it in red!



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8 responses to “Beyond a Bag Super Tote

  1. Anonymous

    Glad you found the perfect tote. Sorry my navy blue Tommy Hilfiger, one-of-a-kind, perfectly-good, barely-been-used, has-plenty-of-side-pockets, stinking-awesome tote bag didn’t work for ya.

  2. Anonymous

    Nice “SSSSSuper tote” – as I fall to one knee and throw both hands in the air…….


  3. amber

    i like that it’s a beyond super tote. that’s what makes it so super. every time i see shamrocks, i think about you going to ireland…do they even have shamrocks in ireland…find that our for me.

  4. Jackie

    Wow, Niece. That is so harsh. Maybe I wanted to have my own stinking awesome tote bag. Besides your bag was kind of subdued. I thought a “LOUD” red bag would make me stand out more in a crowd. But thanks for thinking of me. Besides if this bag arrives and it is not the “super tote” as advertised, I’ll be back beggin to borrow “the tommy bag”. 😉

  5. Anonymous

    Yeah, I guess a “LOUD” bag fits you best. As my mom just said, “LOUD!, Red, and Stands Out In a Crowd….Just like your Aunt Jackie.” But she doesn’t want to credit for that comment.

  6. Anonymous

    Yeah, blame it on the mom – it’s always the moms fault!


  7. Anonymous

    O.K.. If ya’ll don’t stop arguing i’ll stop this plane.


  8. Jackie

    By the tone of his voice, I think Paul means it. Y’all had better settle down.

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