Well Beyond a Super Tote

The bag arrived yesterday and I have to say it certainly lives up to its advertised description. I think this “super bag” with all its “super bag powers” will be just what I need. It looks good, it’s very functional, sits very well on my “borrowed” suitcase for when I am standing in line at the airport to check my luggage. And did I mention I got free shipping. This super tote is to infinity and beyond!

PS – Only those who are able to share my excitement over my super tote will be able to borrow it in the future. And you know who you are.



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5 responses to “Well Beyond a Super Tote

  1. Anonymous

    I love the bag! It’s the perfect color. Especially like all the little compartments – will keep things “super” orderly! Good job on picking a good one.

    Your Mother

    P.S. Can I borrow it sometime??

  2. Anonymous

    Yea, yea, yea….

  3. Angela

    Hi new cyber pal. Thanks for stopping by my own blog and for the official Georgia welcome. I see from your previous posts you perhaps have done some wedding planning?? Help? Not only are we moving to GA in 6 weeks (at least MY stuff is going with him when he moves to take his ministry position), but we marry just 8 weeks after that in July–and have only been engaged for 2.5 weeks!!
    AAAaaaaahhhhhh!!! Exciting times. .. but last night I had a melt down. Anyway, it was fun to hear from you. Please pray for us. . . I’ll look forward to checking back in on your blog. Have fun in Ireland!!


  4. Anonymous

    Well.. You may be bragging about your “super Tote Bag” now but I’m looking at the newly arrived CIE tote bag at Dad’s right now. Can I keep yours?


  5. Jackie

    Sure, you can have it…April Fools! Noooo, you can’t have my bag. A girl can’t have too many bags. Besides, I need something to hold all that shopping I’m going to be doing.

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