…days and counting. I’m starting to get butterflies in my stomach!

Tomorrow I will be totally distracted though, as our youngest has to have some outpatient surgery on his ear drum. The surgery is at 1:50 EST time so please think of him and say a little prayer.

And to keep him from turning into a gremlin, he can’t have any food after midnight tonight. That will actually be the hard part of this whole thing – keeping him from eating tomorrow morning. I made him french toast for dinner and before he goes to bed tonight I promised I would make him some Velveeta and shells. The boy loves to eat and he’s as skinny as his two older brothers. Lucky!

Thanks for the prayers and I’ll update when we get back from the hospital tomorrow.



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2 responses to “SEVEN…

  1. Anonymous

    SIX!!! Time’s flying – I better start the laundry.

    Tell J I’ll be praying for him and his doctors.

    Auntie Sis

  2. Anonymous

    I did my part and prayed for him. I know the lord always does his part. So let’s here some good news on my nephew.


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