I Hear You Knockin’…

I was facinated by all the beautiful Georgian style doors throughout Dublin. I especially liked the ones with the door knob in the middle of the door.

The Georgian homes were built in the early 1700’s due to the fact that Dublin was attracting new wealth and homeowners as the anti-catholic penal laws began to relax. At one time the doors were probably all one color but Irish folklore tells a story of how writer, George Moore, painted his door a bright color to keep his drunken neighbor from coming home and knocking on Moore’s door thinking it was his own.

This evidently started a trend amongst his neighbors and soon doors all over the city were being painted different colors and adorned with ornate knockers and door knobs. There is even a well-known poster called the “Doors of Dublin” which showcases these doors.

Now that I’m home, all I have to do is pick out my new door color and convince my husband to move the door knob to the center of the door. I’m sure he won’t mind especially if I tell him it will keep drunken neighbors from knocking on our door at all hours of the night.



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2 responses to “I Hear You Knockin’…

  1. amber

    my vote is for bright yellow!!! you should tell D. that so then when you tell him the real color you want, it will sound much nicer.

  2. Anonymous

    I’ve been looking at the sight andit has brought back some good memories. We need to get together and swap some pics.


    … I’m having a problem ordering potatoes. I think i got burned out.

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