Attention Reader Number 3

I have been informed by some of my readership that my blog entries have become boring because they are all about boring, Irish history “stuff”. So I am taking a poll amongst the five known readers of this blog: What are some of the hot topics you would like to see written about here in the next week?

Send me your blogging idea and I will write about it! Then send my blog link to 5 of your friends so they can read about the topic you chose. Plus, that will increase my reader base and I’ll have more people who can complain how boring this site is. In the mean time, I will probably bore you with a couple more entries, complete with pictures, about my fabulous trip to Ireland.

Scriobh chugam go luath.



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5 responses to “Attention Reader Number 3

  1. Anonymous

    Say whaaat??

    Let’s see….boring Ireland is fine with me. I got Pop’s pictures – we’ll have to get together soon.

    I’ll think about other topics and get back to you.


  2. Anonymous

    There’s still no update on Heather. I’m starting to worry.


  3. amber

    i like pictures best…like the only reason i read magazines…actually, i don’t read them, i just look at pictures…but i do read your blog just not backwards like a magazine. that totally doesn’t make sense. it did in my head. retro pics would be great!

  4. lisasnow

    Okay, I happen to like reading about your Ireland trip and looking at the pictures. (Especially since we haven’t had that lunch yet for you to share it all with me!!!!)

    I also like it when you write about the kids and the funny things they do. I guess since I’m a mom, I appreciate those stories!

    So….that’s my 2 cents worth!

  5. Anonymous

    You should write about how rude it is to talk on a cell phone at a check out counter and/or when someone is trying to help you find something you are looking for. I had that happen today at work, and it made me so mad! (But something really funny ended up happening to the cell phone lady that made me feel a little better.)

    Nah, but really. Ok, so maybe your “boring Irish stuff” isn’t as boring as I said. Maybe someone (I’m not going to name any names or anything…) is a little envious that you got to go visit Leprechaun Land. But that certain someone (again, not naming any names…) has to admit you make the “boring Irish stuff” sound a little interesting. -Reader # 3

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