The Equator Is Still In the Middle

You know that I don’t like to complain. It’s just really not my nature and I don’t like being around people who complain all the time, but I must get this off my chest or face I guess would be the better word.Why is it that at age 4_ (that part is not entirely important), I am fighting wrinkles on one part of my face while battling zits (or “places” as I like to refer to them in my lady-like southern vernacular) on the other half? It just doesn’t seem fair – I know, I know – fair is where you get cotton candy and life is not fair, etc., etc. But seriously! Why should I have to fight this double battle at this point in my life. There I am on the skin care aisle trying to decide between Oxy-5 and Oil of Olay’s overnight wrinkle fighting cream. Can’t someone come up with a product that will do both. Now there’s a thought! A zit zapping, wrinkle in time eliminator that won’t dry your skin or make it the next Exxon Valdez oil spill clean-up site. I don’t think I’m asking for too much here, people. And if one of those major skin care product manufacturers wants someone to test their new “Pimples Be Gone and Wrinkles, Too” face cream, then I’m your gal!

And just to be on the safe side, go ahead and throw in some age spot vanishing power to this new miracle product. I figure as long as I’m complaining, I might as well be greedy, too.


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One response to “The Equator Is Still In the Middle

  1. lisasnow

    Okay girl – I can so totally relate! But just hold on a bit….those same lovely hormones that are causing those pimples will soon turn into hot flashes. First they subtly start ocurring during the night disrupting your sleep, and soon turn into 24 hour hot flashes! Yeehaw! They’re fun…..NOT!

    And as far as the wrinkles go….I know, it’s sad. I don’t think God says anything in the Bible about them or being able to “pray” them away, so I guess we just have to live with them!

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