Farty Tree and a Turd (43 1/3)

Forty Shades of Green

I close my eyes and picture the emerald of the sea

From the fishin boats at Dingle to the shores at Dunehea

I miss the River Shannon and the folks at Skibbereen

The moorlands and meadows and their Forty Shades of Green

They say in Ireland that there are 40 shades of green. I BELIEVE them. I have seen them – the forty shades. Of green. And actually my sister and I decided that we probably discovered another 3 1/3 colors of green while we were there so we are upping the number.

For two reasons really. One because, well, we can and two because if you say 43 1/3 with an Irish accent (real or fake) it sounds like “farty tree and a turd”. Which always reduced us to a puddle of tears from our case of little girl giggles that always got us dirty looks from the ladies who sat in front of us on the tour bus.

But somehow that didn’t stop us. So 43 1/3 shades of green it is. Dirty looks and all.



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6 responses to “Farty Tree and a Turd (43 1/3)

  1. Anonymous

    Oh my gosh! How funny!

    You know, I’m quite sure we enhanced those sweet ladies Ireland adventure – they just didn’t seem to accept that fact. Yet.


  2. Jackie

    Yeah, either they were really uptught or we were really obnoxious. I haven’t decided which one.

  3. Jackie

    Uptught? Did I say uptught? I meant uptight!

  4. L Snow

    I actually like that word. It sounds a little stronger than “uptight”. It sounds like an uptight person that is pretentious. Maybe you just thought up a new word and it will end up in the dictionary! Like Rachael Rae’s “EVOO”!

  5. amber

    that is hilarious!!!!!

  6. Anonymous

    “farty and a turd”! funny, funny. -Niece

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