It’s Small (Blog) World After All

When I started this blogging thing, I did it as an outlet for the frustrated writer that lives inside of me. It has also become a way of sharing funny stories and a few pictures with family and friends. However, what I have also come to realize is that the blogging world can be a very close-knit community of people who care about one another and who want to help each other through prayer and giving.

I read blogs written by women I don’t even know. One of them is a mother fighting for her life against a disease that stands ready to rob her of everything. I read as prayers are sent to her from all over the world. Prayer is powerful and when prayers are being prayed for someone we’ll probably never meet, that is love, people! I watch as the world grows a little smaller.

This young mom is named Heather and she is currently recovering from brain surgery to remove a cancerous tumor. And the way the blogosphere has rallied around her has been nothing short of amazing. People, most of them perfect strangers, have given over $17,000 to help pay for her surgery expenses. In one day I saw over 300 comments, mostly words of encouragement and prayer, added to her blog site. I watched as the world grew smaller.

And in the midst of laughing at their stories about their kids, husbands and mother-in-laws, and crying at their stories about loss, disappointment and sorrow, I realize that I’m being encouraged by these women. We have similar dreams, challenges and desires. We are women living in the small world of blogsville.

So I blog – not because I have anything really important to say, but because hopefully somewhere there is someone who will be entertained, encouraged or maybe even inspired by something they read on my blog. So I blog. And I’m thankful for my small world of fellow bloggers.



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4 responses to “It’s Small (Blog) World After All

  1. wheretheboysare

    Hey, everybody! I’m just testing the comments on my new blog site. Leave me some love.

  2. Sis

    Keep on blogging……you entertain, sometimes encourage, and…..ok, sometimes even inspire me. Maybe I can kinda be like you when I grow up. Maybe. One day.

    And, now I want to go to Disney World………


  3. VickiNicki

    You’re an inspiration and encourager to me. (Despite the bushy brow and crooked nose comments.) I’m glad you’re in my life. (Oh, and your blogs are fairly entertaining as well. 😉 Maybe one day I’ll be a creative writer like you.) Much love!

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