It’s Always a Party at the DMV

I spent the better part of my Saturday morning at our local branch of the Division of Motor Vehicles. And when I say the better part, I mean the better part. I’m talking about the part when I would have rather been in bed sleeping. Instead I was up at 6:30 am and standing in line by 7:30 am with about 35 of my newest friends. For 2 1/2 hours.

You see today was the day that my 15 year old was finally able to talk me into taking him to get his driver’s permit. I had put him off as long as possible, but he finally was able to convince me with his big blue eyes and cute dimples. I doubt those will come in handy with the officer who writes him his first speeding ticket. Oh, I’m not being a pessimist – just a realist. He’s a boy and boys like to go fast. And besides, he plays way too many racing video games not to dream about being able to one day feed his own need for speed.

I just pray that God will protect my son and give him wisdom and discernment when he is behind the wheel. I also pray that God gives me the patience and strength to get through the next few years as he learns to drive. In fact, God, just consider this a standing request since son #2 reminded me that he will be eligible for his permit in 3 short years. In fact, I may as well go ahead and reserve my spot at the DMV because son #3 won’t be far behind.

Y’all feel free to come and join me in line and keep me company. And you might want to bring a bag a chips because it’s going to take a while.



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2 responses to “It’s Always a Party at the DMV

  1. Sis

    No, thank you. We’re good for about a year. But, I’d definately take some of that patience and strength!

    By the way, does the word “insurance” totally freak you out yet???

    Just askin’……..

  2. Lisa

    Uh, yeah, ummmm, now that you mention it, I have one 3 years away from a learner’s permit. Yikes!

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