Oh, the Places You’ll Go

“With a pack of oreos and a bottle of  wine  milk, oh the places you’ll go.”                               

I bought “fake” oreos the other day. And I’m eating them. I am, however, drinking real milk. I didn’t think I would eat the cookies. In fact, I purposefully bought an off brand oreo style cookie for the boys thinking it would keep me from being tempted by said cookie. It didn’t work!

They are definitely not as good as the “real thing”, but they do serve their purpose. They are little chocolatey delights with sugar enhanced lard snuggled between the cookie layers. They can’t possibly be good for you and as for the taste on these particular cookies  – not so much.

Next time I’ll just stop lying to myself and I’ll buy the Nabisco Double-Stuffed Oreos that I hold near and dear to my heart. And in honor of my sister’s OCD behavior, I’ll eat them in threes! Or at least in multiples of threes.



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5 responses to “Oh, the Places You’ll Go

  1. Sis

    Threes are good – multiples, even better!! (and to think you almost cheated yourself out of a cookie – tsk, tsk)

    We might need the “real thing” for tomorrow’s creative session!

  2. I was given a delious bag/box of delicious oreos for my birthday and thanks to a wonderful invention by tupperware, I was able to save them over at least four months and eeach time I would eat one, it was like opening anew package. Oreos are definitely going to be in heaven.

  3. Jackie

    Yes, Amber, I concur. Oreos will definitely be in heaven. But not just plain Oreos. Only the double-stuff kind!

  4. Sis

    Four months???? Girlfriend, they don’t even last four DAYS in this house. LOL

  5. Jackie

    Four days? I can do better than that. I just bought a package of them on Saturday (that would be yesterday) and on Sunday they were gone (that would be today). Have I mentioned that I have three boys and a husband. Good. I didn’t want y’all thinking I ate a whole pakage of Oreos all by myself!

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