Two Sisters Far and Away


This is a picture of me and Sis on our cruise on the only fjord in Ireland, Killary Fjord. It was a nice cruise. A little cool and windy but the hot cocoa on board was quite tasty!

PS – Fjords are long and narrow sea inlets with high steeply sloped walled sides that have been formed by glaciers.  Or the hand of God, depending on who you ask.




Filed under An Irish Tale

3 responses to “Two Sisters Far and Away

  1. Sis

    The hot chocolate did hit the spot! And, it’s definately a “God thing”!!

  2. Lisa

    Okay, totally changing the subject, but, love the hat! And you wear it well — you go girl!

  3. Jackie

    Thanks, Lisa! I love that hat. I bought it in Dublin and I’m just waiting for an excuse to wear it.

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