Hello Mudda, Hello Fadda

Well, we have reached another milestone in the life our family. All three boys are finally old enough to attend summer camp. And that is where all three of them are right now. At summer camp.

Do I miss them? Of course I miss them. But last night my husband and I actually went out on a real date. (A real date is defined by the fact that there are no kids in tow and your date opens the car door for you – when you get in and when you get out.) We went out for sushi and then after dinner we went to the local Starbucks where I had my favorite caramel macchiato (grande, if you please). We sat in the “comfy chairs” in the corner, shared a slice of yummy, orange, dessert, cake thingy and had adult conversation. (Adult conversation is defined as conversation that does not have anything to do with the three boys who are currently at summer camp!)



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2 responses to “Hello Mudda, Hello Fadda

  1. Lisa

    Good for you guys!!! We went to Ruby Tuesdays and then to Target shopping!!! And no kids! We plan on going out to dinner AGAIN tonight. Yohoo!! I haven’t cooked one night this week…..ahhhhh, bliss!

  2. Jackie

    Oh, yeah! The no cooking has been great. But here it is Thursday and I’m starting to have boys withdrawal. I think I’m ready for them to come home!

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