The Boys Are Back In Town

Well, camp week is over and my boys have made it back home safely. They are all exhausted but full of stories about their adventures and experiences from this past week. My youngest is especially chatty. Of course that is expected because first of all this was his first year at camp and second of all he is only 8 and still talks to his mother. Obviously, that is not the case with my 15 and soon to be 12 year old. While the middle one only really needs a little prompting, getting the oldest to talk is like breaking into Fort Knox.

I’m sure, slowly, but surely, I’ll be able to pry all the info out of them to catch up on the week that they were away. In the mean time, I’m just glad to have all my chicks back in the nest.



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3 responses to “The Boys Are Back In Town

  1. Sis

    I SO knew that was going to be the title of this blog!!! Scary, huh?

    When you figure out the entrance code to “Fort Knox”, pass it along to me. Glad they’re back home – it makes everything feel normal again.

  2. Jackie

    I hate being predictable, but oh, well. Sometimes I’m just not so creative. I think I used up my creativity for the week working on the Ireland Coffee Table Book!

  3. Lisa

    I actually got an “I’m sorry mom for all the arguing I’ve been doing with you lately” (Taylor). That made the week all the more worth it!

    And of course, getting a good report back from Casey’s counselors and Bro. Keith while off meds, was icing on the cake!

    Glad yours are back safe and sound!

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