Hobbies, Karaoke & Hootenannies

Yeah, I know it’s been over a week since I last posted. I was exhausted after VBS and then on top of everything I haven’t been feeling well lately – nothing too serious. The doctor suspects an ulcer or gall stones. I’ll know more after a couple of tests.

But, in the mean time I am totally stoked because Friday night is Karaoke Night at my house. For those of you who have tuned in late, karaoke is one of my favorite obsessions hobbies.

This party should be unique because we are including husbands and kids. My karaoke parties are typically sacred, female events where we get to let our hair down and sing like our favorite “Superstar”. Or maybe we sing Karen Carpenter’s “Superstar”.  Anyway, we do a lot of singing and I’m very excited because we haven’t gotten together in a while. And I ordered some new songs to try out.  Hot Stuff Pack The cherry on top is that my friend H. is coming over from Alabama to sing with us!

I can’t wait to sing and see all my friends. It will be a real karaoke hootenanny!



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2 responses to “Hobbies, Karaoke & Hootenannies

  1. Lisa

    I can’t wait – and I have first dibbs on singing “Superstar”!

    Tonight has been my “I can’t wait for” event for the last 2 weeks! AND I don’t have to be home early for anything in the morning! But then again, I WILL have the hubby and the kids…….Hmmmmm. We’ll see…..

  2. Jackie

    That’s the beauty of driving separate vehicles!

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