My Evil Twin


My youngest son decided he was going to draw a picture of me on our driveway in his favorite medium, chalk. And we all know how attractive one looks when their portrait has been done in chalk. On the driveway. By an 8 year old. So with that said, I present my driveway chalk portrait as interpretted by my son J. I escpecially like the evil looking pink eyes and teeth.



Filed under All About Me, The Boys Are Back

5 responses to “My Evil Twin

  1. Lisa

    Just lovely…… Love the pink teeth.

  2. now you just need a large frame for it!

  3. Vicki Nicki

    Wow…..that’s almost dead on. J/k. Love ya!!

  4. Do I have too?

    Jack………….. man I never thought someone could capture the likeness so well. lol No, don’t blame me… I gave’m tha chaulk! “You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone!” Hey I think thats a line from a son. love ya’ neighbor

  5. Do I have too?

    Sorry….. Song

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