This Post is Rated PG-13

I was having a conversation with some folks at work the other day who were asking me about my blog. I happened to mention that I don’t put full faced pictures of my kids on my website or use their names when referring to them in my stories. When asked why, I readily answered that I never know who might come across my blog and read about my most precious and treasured possessions – my boys. Of course the very inspiration and often the reason I’m writing is these same boys. I might share something funny or touching that they have said or done but I don’t ever want to, in any way, give the impression that I am sharing anything more than that. I have family members and some very bestest friends who read this blog (semi-regularly, and you are much appreciated for that!). Please let me know if you ever think I have compromised my privacy or that of my children or even your’s in any way.

I came across this article “Take Your Children Offline Now”  (warning – this article is the PG-13 part of the post. It contains some adult terms and is strongly worded. However, it is a well written article on the subject and that is why I have linked to it) and felt even more convicted to tighten up my security measures. In the past I have posted pictures of my boys taking care not to show their full faces. I am glad now that I have followed that initial instinct. I even went back through all my previous posts and deleted any pictures or references to their identities.

Am I being paranoid?  I don’t think so. God has entrusted them to me to be their mother and I believe that job includes keeping them as safe as I possibly can while they are in my care. I’ll still write about them and share our family’s stories; I’ll just be a little more diligent in protecting their privacy. I’ve left pictures of myself and will probably post others in the future – I can make that decision for myself and I feel okay about it. I don’t have any real personal info on here (I don’t think – and if you find otherwise, let me know) that would allow people to easliy track me down. And if you would prefer that your pciture or name not appear (Sis, you’re probably the main one who needs to answer this) on my web site, then let me know. I’ll be glad to accomodate you. Afterall, serving you my dear readers is why I’m here! And to participate in some self-indulgent writing!

Please share your thoughts and comments! 



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5 responses to “This Post is Rated PG-13

  1. I agree that is a very article to read. After posting pictures, I sometimes go back and delete them like after a month or so. From my tracker, it doesn’t look like they’ve been visited, but I still want to be careful. Very wise.

  2. Sis

    So far, I trust your judgement. You’ve never led me too far down the wrong path. (hehe) Carry on…….

  3. Lisa

    I have no blog….thus, I need to go back and delete nothing! But in case I ever do, I will certainly not post any pics of my kids! Thanks – that was a very interesting and informative article.

  4. Great Post. I have often thought of this topic. On my blog, I openly post pictures of my kids, their names, etc. But, my blog has turned into a kind of ministry and I think that is best done by using pictures and names. There is a Bible verse that my husband and I speak over our children every night in their bed time prayers…”Ben and Luke’s (my boys) angels have charge over them to keep them in all their ways and NOTHING SHALL BY ANY MEANS HARM THEM.” I just trust in the Lord to follow through with His word.

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