Nice to Meet and Greet You

School starts Monday. Did I just hear angels singing the “Hallelujah Chorus”? No, that was me! I am so ready for school to start and I think if my boys were to answer honestly, they would say they are, too. I mean just how much “Sponge Bob” can one watch in a day? Evidently about 24 episodes. And that’s just the tip of their busy day iceberg. There’s also hours of video games to squeeze in not to mention the mandatory computer games and internet surfing that goes on in a day. Of course all this busy activity starts at the crack of dawn 11:30 am.

Then there is the food that keeps disappearing from my pantry and refrigerator. I’ve seen 2 gallons of milk and 4 boxes of cereal disappear within 2 days this week. My husband says they are worse than locusts. They create a path of destruction through the kitchen and house leaving a wake of dirty dishes and laundry. So, am I ready for school to start? The resounding answer is YES!

We went this morning to J’s “Meet and Greet” to meet his third grade teacher and drop off his school supplies. I think Mrs. T is going to be a really good fit for J this year and I am hopeful that after struggling to catch up in his reading levels this past year, that he will have a very successful school year. As we were walking back to our car in the parking lot I remarked at how really nice Mrs. T seemed. J responded, “She has to be really nice, mom, it’s meet and greet. She probably won’t be that nice once school starts.”

Well, al’righty then. I’m so pleased that he has such a positive outlook on life and people and hasn’t become jaded yet in his short, little life. Looks like he picked up some useful life skills this summer after all. Thanks, Sponge Bob!


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