Woman vs. Wal-Mart

One of my favorite shows lately is Man vs. Wild. I have learned some valuable survival skills as of late just from watching a few episodes of this show. I think Bear is a cutie and I love listening to his British accent as he calmly explains how to use the shadow and stick method to determine which way is north, south, east and west. He always shares some useful tid bits on how to survive and successfully make it out of dangerous and remote locatons.

I mean just the other day I was able to use some of my new survival skills to escape through the dangerous terrain of the “Wal-Mart Check Out Aisle”. I had, for some time, been content with standing in line for 45 MINUTES to pay for my Always Low Prices items. Then I had tried the self-check out only to become so ensnarled in the wasteland of bar codes that I threw my hands up in disgust and left the store without purchasing anything. Regardless of the Low Prices. Always.

Then I found it. The twenty or less items check out lane by the cigarettes and skoal. Now I’m not a smoker or a dipper or a chewer, but I see no reason to shun a perfectly good check out lane with hardly a line because of someone else’s nicotine addiction. Evidently most shoppers avoid this checkout line unless they are purchasing the smoking, dipping, chewing items for said nicotine habit.

I was able to navigate my way through the other shoppers and wind my way to the almost empty aisle with the cashier who was flashing a partially toothless grin. (I’m not kidding about the partially toothless grin.) I didn’t have to wait. I didn’t have to wrestle with items to find their hidden bar codes and I didn’t even have to find my way using the shadow and stick method to determine which way was out.

Thanks, Bear!



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3 responses to “Woman vs. Wal-Mart

  1. Lisa

    I know which “toothless” person you’re talking about. I feel so sorry for her!

  2. Well said! Wal-mart was on my “do not enter” list for a long time. But, I have found one (and I mean one) Wal-mart I can tolerate. I go once a month and always without kids. I just can’t keep up with kids and navigate Wally’s at the same time. I’m glad you found your short line, complete with toothless grin. I hope you’re able to put all those skills to work again soon.

    Georgia Mom

  3. VickiNicki3387

    My bro recently informed me that Bear Gryles was caught sleeping in a hotel on one of his supposed “adventures”. I know. It’s a huge disappointment. My beau, who is a Bear Gryles fanatic, took the news pretty hard, too.

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