Backseat Wisdom

So I’ve been listening to my “free” copy of the Monk & Neagle CD pretty regularly these days. In fact, it’s cued up in my CD player so actually I’m listening to it everytime I get in the car. I’ve discovered that I really, really do like their sound and I’ve had every intention of writng some sort of musical review, but it just hasn’t happened. Suffice it to say it’s good and you should get one.

My favorite track is still number 3, “Hallelujah Jesus”.  I was playing it the other night as we were heading to Wednesday evening church activities. G and J were in the car with me listening intently as I was drowning out singing along with my favorite song. When it was over I turned to G and asked him what he thought of the song. “It’s pretty good”, he said. Then he asked, “Are they a Christian band?” From the backseat J answered loudly and a bit sarcastically, “Duh, they were just singing Hallelujah Jesus. What do you think?”

Well, it was a point well taken and perhaps made a little too much at the expense of an older brother, but it’s true nevertheless because I don’t think I’ve heard too many secular bands singing “Hallelujah Jesus”. Not that I would mind.



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2 responses to “Backseat Wisdom

  1. I’m hearing “Monk and Neagle” all over blogland, so next time out I’m buying it.

  2. Kim

    I listen to my free copy all the time, too. And my favorite is “Hallelujah Jesus”. I love hearing my kids singing it from the backseat!

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