His name is Clayton, but you can call him Clay.

We have finished three weeks of school already – as of today. It almost feels like we fell back into the routine a little too easily. I guess that is the whole idea behind this “balanced schedule” our school system has adopted. We get a week off about every 6 weeks or so and then only have an 8 week summer. We have pretty much gotten used to it now after a few years and I would venture to say I might even like it. Last year we used our week off in September to go to the beach. It was still plenty warm enough and in case you’re not hip to this fact, rental rates drop up to 40% at the beach after Labor Day. Hallelujah, Jesus!

So everyone is settled into their new school routine and new friends are being made. J came home just this week telling me about a new buddy he made in his class. J says his new friend’s name is Clayton, but all the kids call him Clay.

The simplicity of 3rd grade friendships is not lost on me and frankly I wish my criteria for a new friend was as simple as J’s. He just needs someone who will play the same games on the playground at recess with the same enthusiasm and imagination as he does. That’s it. And maybe they sit together at lunch. If the teacher doesn’t give them assigned seats that is.

My requirements for a new friend are little more complicated. I’ve thought about it though and in an effort to streamline the process and make the friendship application shorter and easier to manage I’ve decided there are three things that will determine whether or not we can be friends. 

  1. You must be willing to endure any and all stories about my boys that highlight a. their accomplishments b. their good looks and c. how smart they are.
  2. You must have a good sense of humor and must be prepared to laugh at my attempts at humor.
  3. You must be able to keep a secret when asked or even if not asked. And a really good friend is one who can discern between the two situations.
  4. Although not required, it would be helpful if you are passionate about a hobby of some sort – preferably, of course, one of mine; which include, but are not limited to, scrapbooking and karaoke. And…
  5. You must be willing to be a dedicated reader of my blog and be able to leave witty, insightful comments.

Okay, so I said three things and listed five, but it’s my blog and I get to make the rules and change them when and if I want to. Okay. So I’ll let you choose three out of five if that helps. Just remember though, I still get the final word on your application.

Of course we could just by pass all the paperwork and meet for lunch. And then maybe play a game of 4-square on the local playground? I’ll let you decide.



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6 responses to “His name is Clayton, but you can call him Clay.

  1. Kim

    That is a great list. And they’re all important, so you should change your requirements to all 5, and not just 3 out of 5. 😉

  2. Sis

    I think I might qualify! Woo Hoo!

  3. Lisa

    AND, how about somebody that will walk 6 laps on Hobgood with you??? That’s a good one too!

  4. i would really prefer the swings at recess if that’s okay w/ you? maybe the teeter totter if you don’t jump off really fast while i’m at the top!

  5. I’m totally into the swings and teeter totter. And yeah, I know what you mean about those kids who jump off and leave you to slam suddenly to the ground. I promise – I am definitely not one of those!

  6. Having all boys myself, and a 3rd grader as one of them, I can certainly appreciate your Blog title and this post! God Bless!

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