“I guess I’ll just go ahead and ground myself.”

J is having a little trouble remembering to bring home his homework assignments. Yesterday he forgot to bring home his math worksheet and today he forgot his entire agenda. For those of you whose kids don’t use agendas, this is where all the night’s homework assignments get written down so “we” know what “we” are supposed to do for that night.

Anticipating my disappointment and perhaps anger, he told me not to worry he had already grounded himself. As I fought to hold back my amusement, J asked me, “Aren’t you going to explode?” Well, at that point I almost did – in laughter. But then I realized I must have a pattern of behavior in how I react to certain things. I just smiled and said, “No, I’m not going to explode.”

But I think I will go to my room and not come out until I think I can behave again. I’ll probably be out sometime in December.



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3 responses to ““I guess I’ll just go ahead and ground myself.”

  1. Sis

    I knew you weren’t “being have”!! December seems a little soon, doncha think? ha ha ha ha ha………

    Give me an L…….Give me an O…….give me an L…..whataya got??

  2. Jack,

    I think I can relate. It’s hard sometimes seeing our selves through our kids. Like today…….. Ty turned 16,(can you beleive it?) I had made such grand plans just to have them squashed ( as they were my plans not, his). At first I think my fellings were hrut because it was what “I” wanted to do! (Go figure!) Then I sat back and saw his sweet face and remembered…………… It ain’t my birthday!

    Anyway….. Miss you! R

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