Where in the World is Miss Teen South Carolina?

Okay – I wanted to leave this one alone, but after going back and watching the video, I decided this is just too good to not mess with.

Miss Teen South Carolina was recently crowned 3rd runner up (that’s fourth place to you and me) but not until she was put through the rigorous question and answer portion of the Miss Teen USA Pageant. And remember folks – this is NOT a beauty contest. It is a scholarship pageant. Well, it’s a good thing!

She was asked why she thought one fifth of Americans are unable to locate the US on a world map. (Insert dramamtic pause and tense music.)

Well, duh. They’ve gotta have maps first!

Honestly, I was unaware of the shortage of maps in America. How could we have been so blind and so unaware of this tragedy? Where are the “Save the Maps” bumper stickers and the “No Map left Behind” supporters? People, we need to come together as a country and make sure that no household has to suffer through the humility of not having a map and therefore not being able to locate the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! I, for one, am not going to sit here while this goes on in the country I love so dearly. I want to see a movement sweep this nation so that every family has a map, an atlas or at least a globe in their home. Are you with me?

Let’s do it…for the children. Such as.



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7 responses to “Where in the World is Miss Teen South Carolina?

  1. I think this poor girl doesn’t even know where to find the US on a map. I saw this video on David Letterman…he played it twice!

  2. Sis

    You know I LOL’ed!! That was fun – we should just “hang out” more often.

    Now, where’d I put that map………

  3. Ok…I’m so glad I found your blog…I’m a mom of 3 crazy, busy boys too and I’m just laughing at all their little “things” that boys do…..And,

    poor Ms. South Carolina…..i just can’t imagine the pain she has endured since this all got out….but seriously…..that was totally crazy!!!

    Have a great weekend….no child shall wake before 9 on Monday!

  4. VickiNicki

    Well um….that was a funny blog such as for the betterment of education for the Iraq and the Asians and our children’s future. Such as.

  5. VickiNicki

    It is pathetic, but I’ve watched that clip just about enough to have memorized almost all of it. I need more things to do during the day…..

  6. Miss Teen South Carolina answered that question badly, but she’s still got her looks to fall back on…

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