Stepping Into a Girl’s World

I have three sons. I live in a boy’s world at my house. It’s rough, loud, sometimes gross and crude, and often a little smelly! I know boys. I know what makes them tick. I know that they are born with the ability to make car and truck sounds. I know that they are intrigued by “cool” bugs, marvel at “pretty” rocks and will bring bouquets of “flowers”, that most people would mistake for weeds, to their mom. I know you can’t wind them up, watch them go and then expect to find an “off switch” so you can go to bed at night. Boys are wonderful creatures and I’m thankful that God has blessed me with three of the most handsome, intelligent and loving boys I could ask for. 

Why then, did I have 12 – yes, I counted them several times just to make sure – girls in my house Saturday night? And why did I find myself hosting a SLUMBER PARTY! I’ve always said that God has a sense of humor and I’ve always told my friends with teenage girls “better you than me”! I always felt a little smug about the fact that I didn’t have to deal with teenage girl drama. Did I mention that God has a sense of humor?

About two months ago, a friend from church asked if I was interested in co-teaching the freshmen girls’ Sunday School class with her. I said I would “pray about it” as I was already secretly formulating my response that would hopefully let her down gently. I figured there would be someone else – someone much better equipped than I – who would step up and help teach this class. So I said something about already serving in another area on Sundays and having too much on my plate and I thought that was that.

But God wouldn’t let me stop thinking about these girls. “I don’t know anything about teenage girls”, I argued. It didn’t matter. I felt that God was clearly directing me to clear some things off my plate and make room for some girls in my life.

So I did.

I visited their class last Sunday to “observe” and left with a girls’ slumber party on my calendar for Saturday night. At my house! Oh, Lord! How was I going to explain this to my husband? Well, thankfully, there was no need, because by the time we met back up after church, he already knew about the impending estrogen fest slumber party at our house. Hubby just looked at me, shook his head and asked with a bit of a smirk on his face, “What have you done?”  “I’m not really sure”, I replied, “but you and the boys will have to find something to do Saturday night.”

And they did.

So I am now “officially” the co-teacher for these girls and their class. I realize after last night’s sleepover that I have a lot of research to do. I need to watch “High School Musical” 1 & 2 about 147 MILLION times so I can memorize the words to the songs and the dance moves. I’ve got a few hundred episodes of “Hannah Montana” and “Drake and Josh” to catch up on. I need a few posters of the dreamy Jonas Brothers for my bedroom. I just can’t decide who is cuter, Kevin or Joseph. And I’ve got to learn the Cha Cha Slide!

Did I mention that God has a sense of a humor? Good.

I thought I did.


More stories from Estrogen Fest 2007 to follow!



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3 responses to “Stepping Into a Girl’s World

  1. Sis

    About that sleepover………better you than me!!!

    That’s all I got to say about that.

  2. Ha! Ha! Ha!
    It sounds like you had a great time with the girls!

  3. I LOVE the Jonas Brothers!! Listen to “Kids of the Future” and “Year 3000”. So fun!

    They are blessed to have you!

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