“Don’t make me use the cute eyes!”

Last Friday night I was running around making a list of things I needed from Wal*Mart for the weekend. Hubby and the two older boys were at the Friday night high school football game. J and I were just hanging out getting ready to make our trip to WallyWorld when J asked me what I was going to buy him during our shopping trip. I calmly, and with all the firmness I could muster, informed him in no uncertain terms that I would NOT be buying him anything on this particular shopping trip. With a heavy sigh he informed me that all his current toys were old and boring. Sorry! Not buying any new toys. I comfortably settled in with my heels firmly planted. Then he went for the jugular.

“Mom, don’t make me use the cute eyes.”

What? The cute eyes? “Bring it on”, I told him.  So he tried. He looked at me with his big, soft, brown eyes and…

I bought him two Fantastic Four action figures.




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5 responses to ““Don’t make me use the cute eyes!”

  1. Sis

    Charms Blow Pop……..that’s what you are!!

    Way to go, J! Works every time….

  2. Ummm… You are teaching him the fine are of manipulation.

  3. Actuallly, he’s teaching a class on the ‘fine art of manipulation” down at the community college this semester.

    But honestly, I didn’t mind too much because this is the same kid who cleaned two toilets for me ealier that day.

  4. VickiNicki

    Yeah….my “cute eyes” routine lost it’s effect a couple of years ago…..when I got a job. Oh well.

  5. Well then, he absolutely deserved the toys! What a cutie! My dad couldn’t stand my puppy dog eyes–even now he’ll give in if I use them!!!

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