Girls are Different Until They Burp

So it’s been a week ago today that I hosted the 12 little freshman princesses from the Sunday School class that I got suckered into volunteered to teach. Now, I know that girls are different from boys. I took anatomy in high school and I’m a girl myself, so I think I know about the differences.

I guess what I wasn’t prepared for was the similarities! I was expecting these dozen young women to be recent graduates of Miss Mary Manners’ Charm School. I thought they would be refined young ladies who sat with their ankles crossed and spoke in quite voices with the occasional giggle.

Well, slap my grandma. I was wrong! My girly illusions were shattered the moment I heard one of them let rip a belch that was worthy of any 14 year old boy. In fact, had my 8 year old been around, he would have been very impressed!

Over the course of the evening, drinks were spilled, food was dropped, clothes and belongings were strung all over the floor, and a couple of times the conversation took a turn in a direction that required some redirection. Everything that I would expect from boys but never would have imagined would come from girls. But then there is still that one characteristic that separates the girls from the boys.

Girls cry.

And that’s okay. I was kind of prepared for that and because I’m a girl, I cry, too. I cried with them a couple of times. It’s hard not to when you hear about what young people deal with in school today. And then there are the ones who struggle with growing up in broken homes – which was almost half of them. Yes, it’s hard not to cry.

So I continue to ask God to help equip me to teach these girls, be a role model of some sort and build a trusting realtionship with them. The truth is, I’m no charm school graduate myself. And what they don’t know, is that after a nice, cold root beer – I can hold my own.



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6 responses to “Girls are Different Until They Burp

  1. VickiNicki

    Aww! Don’t slap Mamaw! That’s not nice!!

  2. Hi. When I was a teenager, I wish some wise woman had told me that the way I dressed was asking for trouble.
    I wasn’t terribly dressed, but I wasn’t as modest as I could have been.
    Sometimes I cringe when I see the way some girls dress nowadays. I know it’s the style, but t-shirts and blue jeans are always cool.

  3. Leah, I so agree with the clothing issue. While I’m glad I don’t have to dress a girl, I still have three boys who are bombarded with the visual images that these girls put out there. I vote for jeans and a cute t-shirt, also, but those necklines seem to always plunge a little too low, the jeans fit a little too tight and they constantly need pulling up – in my humble opinion!

  4. I’ll certainly pray that you have the wisdom to guide these young ladies wisely.

  5. VickiNicki

    Waiting for your next blog….I need something new to read at work!!!

  6. Candace

    I admire you for working with girls that age. I have 3- my oldest is a boy and when I found out I was having a girl after him (my last 2 are girls) I started crying because I was so worried about raising a girl in this world. I’m really ho ping that the rapture comes before my girls hit puberty because I’m not sure I can handle it.

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