I Took a Bite and Now I’m Chewing

Oh, I definitely bit off more than I was able to accomplish today. I started, what I thought, would be a simple two hour organizational project, and here on Friday evening I’m not done yet. I thought I would purge and organize our office space. And since this is one of the two rooms you see first off when you come in my front door, it really, really needed to be done. But now it looks worse. I didn’t take a picture before I started, but this is what it looks like mid-project.


I’m obviously going to have to pick this up tomorrow morning and finish the job. Then I’ll have “after” pictures to share with you. Just like HGTV. Well, sort of.



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2 responses to “I Took a Bite and Now I’m Chewing

  1. Sis

    Your walls look blue – wierd. I need to clean my desk area……..again. I have serious paper-flow problems.

  2. Yeah, I need to repaint the two front rooms. The paint color is very “dated”. But there are so many other projects that need done and the paint is still in good shape so I’m having a hard time convincing my man that we need to re-paint.

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