I Have Sharing Issues

Our Pastor is preaching a month long series on stewardship. Now hard as it may be, any Pastor worth his salt, is practically required to trot out this subject matter at least once, maybe twice, a year. I’ve heard him say that this is one of the toughest topics to tackle.

But, I am grateful that our Pastor has decided to remind us of what God has to say about our “stuff”. The first and foremost of which is that it’s really His “stuff”. And that He just let’s me watch over it and decide how it can be best used to serve Him. And I need reminded of that fact – at least once, maybe twice, a year.

My most recent reminder came a little over a week ago. My Hubby was laid off from his job and only given a month’s severance package. This was totally unexpected and needless to say we were shocked. And to say these types of things never happen at a good time would be an understatement. Immediately my mind went into hoarding mode and started thinking about how I could make the one month’s worth of pay stretch farther if necessary. But then God reiterated to me, through our Pastor’s sermons, that it’s not mine to make stretch. It all belongs to Him and He will see us through.

So we have continued to tithe – as scary as that can be during a time of uncertainty – and God has blessed my Hubby with not one, but two possible job opportunities in less than a week and a half after he was laid off. It sounds trite to say God is good, but it is true and when He allows us to witness His goodness and faithfulness, in such a tangible way, I count it a privilege.

And it’s a privilege to be granted stewardship over His “stuff”. I just pray that I can move from a place of occasional doubt to constant faith.

Sometimes I just need a reminder – at least once, maybe twice, a year.



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4 responses to “I Have Sharing Issues

  1. So how do you know the girls? I ❤ Monk and Neagle by the way 🙂

  2. Robin

    Hey Jack…….
    God Is Good all the Time! I know from experience that God takes us through the valley and then leads back again. It is what we do when we are there that gets us there. I know that our moving to Fla. is a test and how Jeff and I do is all on God. God always takes us through the fire to refine us, to get us to listen to that small voice inside be prayerful, and know God is Good ………………. all the time. He never gives us more than He can handle>

    Love Ya’


  3. I just wanted to stop a moment and say that I truly appreciated reading this post! Beautifully worded and a wonderful reminder! I was blessed and wanted to say thank you!

  4. So true! There have been many times where we’ve had to step out in the faith to give back the Lord, what’s His anyway, and we’ve always been blessed. I don’t think it’s one of these things where if you give 10.00 God will give you 1,000. I just don’t think He works that way. But, I do think if you’re faithful in tithing, you put family under God’s umbrella of protection and He’ll bless you. Thanks for sharing!

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