Karaoke Date Night

Several years ago my husband and I purchased a karaoke machine for our boys for Christmas. We were sure it was something they would enjoy and it was something we figured we could all do together. I envisioned evenings spent singing together, not unlike the Von Trapp family. Some families like to play scrabble; we like to sing.

Initially, we had family karaoke night – an evening of no TV or phone calls or other interuptions. Just good old fashion karaoke singing. Most of the time my husband and I would find that the boys had slipped out and we were left alone singing duets and solos to our hearts content. We eventually gave up on including the boys when they started to complain and let us know how much they didn’t like family karaoke night.

But that didn’t deter Hubby and me.  We continued to add to our song collection. We upgraded to a karaoke machine with pitch control, added surround sound, a big screen, cordless mics, feather boas (every good karaoke singer needs a feather boa or two – come on people!) and we turned “family karaoke night” into “karaoke date night”.

Karaoke date night is when we put the boys to bed, go down into the basement, turn the music up and sing to our hearts content. We like to sing together and we also like to try out new material on each other for helpful constructive feedback such as, “Don’t ever sing that again. You sounded like a cat dying.”

We have a karaoke collection of over 3000 songs now and we add to it whenever we can. We have karaoke parties throughout the year and I have a group of close girlfriends who come over for “Girls Only” karaoke. We’ve laughed and cried together late into the evening during many of these girls’ nights.

I guess it’s a little weird, but the way I look at it is some couples play golf or tennis together or share other hobbies that they enjoy with each other. Hubby and I like to sing. So we have karaoke date night every so often. It’s good clean fun and besides where else could a girl go and have a guy sing show tunes to her all night long?

Long live karaoke date night!



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3 responses to “Karaoke Date Night

  1. I might need to join in the next girls’ night!

  2. Sis

    What happened to the microphone stands? All good “doo-wap” backup singers need mike stands. Sounds like fun – when’s the next “sister” karaoke date night?

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