“You were around in the 70’s and 80’s; don’t you know how to do the moonwalk?”

There is nothing like an eight year old to remind you of how old you feel are.

My youngest, J, was very intent today (for some unknown reason) to learn the moonwalk dance move, and for probably the same unknown reason, thought I was the resident expert.

He came to me and sweetly informed me that since I was “around” – which I guess means that I was alive and living – during the decade that this dance was popular, he was sure I had the mad skills necessary to teach him how to glide over our hardwood floors in his sock feet.

Just for the record, I cannot do the moonwalk. Just because I was an 80’s girl does not mean that I have the ability to dance like Michael Jackson. Although I did listen to a lot of Michael Jackson. Off the Wall and Thriller were both great albums. Yes, albums! We didn’t have CDs back then, people. GASP!

And while I can’t moonwalk, I did dance on the speakers one time at the Limelight located in the Disco Kroger shopping center in Buckhead! Which won’t mean much to anyone unless you were dancing in the clubs in Atlanta during the early to mid 80’s. Not that I made a habit of dancing on the speakers or in the clubs on a regular basis – I’m just sayin’.

So for everyone out there who wants to learn the moonwalk, like my J does, I have included a little “how-to” video I found. Happy moonwalking!



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7 responses to ““You were around in the 70’s and 80’s; don’t you know how to do the moonwalk?”

  1. I was around in the 80’s, and I never learned the correct way to do the moonwalk.
    Very educational, but I’m sure my husband already knows how to do it. I’m gonna ask when he gets home! Tee hee hee!

  2. Suzanne

    Back in the day, my office was on the corner of Peachtree and Pharr, and.I used to go to the salad bar at the disco Kroger every day at lunch! While I never danced on a speaker at the Limelight, I did give myself whiplash showing off on the dance floor at Studebaker’s!

  3. LOL – OMG, Suzanne, you just gave me a major flashback by throwing out the Studebaker’s reference. Too funny.

  4. you should invest in one sparkly glove for J to give him the whole affect

  5. Lisa

    Yep, I actually practiced some fancy footwork at Studebaker’s as well! And although I didn’t get to the Limelight before it closed, I think I went there when it was shortly something else after that. Does anyone remember?

  6. Hey, Lisa, Was that place called Masquerade? I’m not sure if that’s right. But I think the name started with an “M”. Too long ago for my brain to remember!. LOL.

  7. Lisa

    It could have been. I really don’t remember….you know…..brain cell deterioration???? LOL

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