What a Week I’ve Had…

I try really hard to not let my blog entries become streams of complaints. And personally, I think I do a pretty good job. So while it may sound like I’m complaining in this entry, keep in mind I’m sharing these things for your personal ___________ (growth, entertainment, edification, view into my world – just fill in the blank, would ya?).

So Monday night I find out that I have been exposed to head lice. I won’t go into the details of how or why or by whom, because we all know – or at least I do now from reading the internet – that lice can occur in all socio-economic groups. And evidently, again according to these internet experts, they (meaning the lice) prefer “clean” hair.

Well, if that is the case, they would have loved mine, because as soon as I heard that I “might” have lice, I ran to the shower and washed my hair 5 times with scalding hot water. I really only accomplished burning my scalp and giving myself really dry skin, which caused me to itch for 2 days – convincing me that I had lice.

Well, after my nerves settled down and all the skin peeled off of my head, I was relieved to find out that I didn’t have head lice. That was a close one!

Then on Tuesday I started getting sick. I had been sick last week with a sore throat, which I probably caught from my youngest two boys, who missed school on Thursday and Friday due to a viral sore throat. (I love run on sentences!) But then I got the head and chest congestion and started to cough. My chest was hurting a little and my right side (lung) would hurt when I coughed. This ignited my fear that I was going to have a relaspe of pleurisy. I promptly started losing my voice and I generally felt lousy for a couple of days.

No worries though. I pulled out some “old” prescriptions and self-medicated for a few days. And now I am happy to report that I am feeling better. Never underestimate the power of year old prescriptions that you should have finished the first time around. And the pain I felt everytime I coughed – I think it was a pulled muscle. {{{sheepish grin}}}

Wednesday. This was the day that I sneezed and bit the inside of my own mouth. Need I say more?

Thursday rolled around and I was actually feeling better! I was able to talk to Sis on the phone for a while without going into racking, coughing spasms and I didn’t lose my voice. Of course she did most of the talking. Only because I told her to, so I could pace myself and concentrate on healing. Normally we talk the battery down on a least one cordless phone; sometimes two.

FRIDAY! Except for a little residual stuffiness and tiredness, I’m feeling better. No lice, no pleurisy, my mouth has healed, my voice is almost 100% and I’m looking forward to a restful weekend.

Ya gotta love Friday!



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2 responses to “What a Week I’ve Had…

  1. Sis

    Ok, apparently you need to call me and it’s YOUR turn to do the talking. I failed to get all these details. And about that phone battery……….

  2. Lisa

    Itsn’t it amazing how much better you can feel once Friday rolls around!!

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