Are We There Yet

We road tripped this year for Thanksgiving. We went to St. Louis to spend it with Hubby’s sister and her family. St. Louis is a cool city – you know the Gateway to the West and all. But our favorite thing about St. Louis is that it is home to Fitz’s Root Beer.

It is one of the best root beers I have ever had. They make their sodas with real cane sugar – yeah, baby! And you can really taste the difference. It’s good stuff!

While dining out Friday after Thanksgiving we stopped by Fitz’s brewery and were lucky enough to see the production line in action. It doesn’t take much to impress this country mouse visiting the “big city”.

We brought back some Fitz’s with us, but alas, it is all gone. I guess we’ll just have to dream about the sweet nectar that is Fitz’s Root Beer until we visit St. Louis again or until we place an order online and have it delivered to our doorstep.

Thank you internet!




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2 responses to “Are We There Yet

  1. In Dublin, Texas you can visit the Dr. Pepper bottling company. At that factory they make the Dr. Pepper with real cane sugar. It is the BEST Dr. Pepper ever.
    You may be able to order it online, I’m not sure. Guess I should look into that.
    Anyway, I’ve been to Dublin, Texas, and the bottling company is so fun. You get to see how they make the drink–the same way they began making it when they started. So cool!
    Glad you had such fun at Thanksgiving!

  2. VickiNicki

    Root beer….Yummm……Did you make a root beer float?

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