Not Spam

Growing up, Spam only meant one thing. It was the strange meat that came in a can and people usually made fun of you if you ate it. My daddy ate it occasionally, only no one ever made fun of him. Of course, he’s the kind of man you don’t make fun of. If he wants to eat Spam, he’ll eat Spam. And he prefers it fried, thank you very much.

Today, if someone mentions spam, they are probably talking about the unwanted correspondence in their email in-box. People also send spam by way of blog comments.

Through WordPress, they provide a great security feature that helps weed out spam comments. What I find highly amusing is that most of these spammers all leave the same comment –“not spam”.

They are openly and actively saying that they are not what they actually are – SPAM! And I’ve been thinking, may be the folks over at Hormel might want to take this same approach. They could build a whole advertising campaign around the phrase “Not Spam”. I’d be glad to share my idea with their marketing people and I wouldn’t even charge them as much as those big advertising agencies in New York and Chicago would.

Of course, the only problem I see with my idea is that most people would be able to see right through the fact that spam is spam. Just like I know a real blog comment from the spammers.

And anyway you slice it, that’s a whole lot of pork!


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  1. try telling that to a little kid who looks into her grandma’s pantry every year only to see the same can that strangely has the letters SPAM on it!

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