I Know Who You Are

It seems we get very concerned about the safety of our children where the internet is concerned. We talk about protecting them from predators in chat rooms, making sure they don’t give out too much information on their MySpace and Facebook pages. We even debate how much info we should share about our families through our blogs.

But what I’ve noticed lately seems to be a growing trend of sharing info about our families through an unlikely source. What I have noticed, while driving around my community, is that family vehicles have become mobile billboards of information about the families and children that are in those vehicles. I’m talking about the custom car magnets that just about every business or organization in town will supply to the parent willing to slap it on the back side of their SUV or mini-van.

Now I’m not opposed to showing support for the local high school or college team, but just how much information are we sharing with the person behind us while we wait for the light to turn green. It really struck me the other day as I sat behind this vehicle with more stickers and magnets than I had time to count. But I did have time to find out the following info:

I know where their son plays baseball along with his team name and jersey number. Oh, and his proud parents had written in his name on the blank line supplied on the magnet. Go, Brandon! I hope your team does well this year.

And I know he has a sister, and I know her name and which dance studio she takes lessons from. I also know that they are both honor students. The back of the family car told me.

I know where they worship, where the kids go to school, what kind of dog they have, who their favorite college football team is, and I’m pretty sure I know if they are voting Republican or Democrat in the next election. I was able to gather all of this information from the stickers and magnets on their car in the short time I spent behind them at the traffic light.

I’m not making some big “statement” about whether we should or should not be displaying such information about our families on our vehicles. That is a personal choice that every family has to make for themselves.

I do think it’s sad that we live in a world where we would even half to think twice about this sort of thing. But we do and we probably should, because you never know who might be reading about your family at the next intersection.


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