The Christmas Cold

I was a really good girl this year. I did my best to juggle family, work, kid school projects, volunteering, keeping the house from looking like a disaster zone, providing semi-healthy meals; you know all the things that I thought Santa would be looking for in someone headed for the “nice list”.

It didn’t matter. I still ended up getting the gift of the Christmas Cold. Which, as an adult, is worse than getting coal in your stocking any old day. When I first woke up on Christmas morning I thought someone had wrapped my head up in paper and put a big bow on my nose. But I soon realized it was really a pounding sinus headache, and that the two holes in my nose had stopped allowing any air to move in or out of them. Then there was the added bonus of the sore throat – you know the works!

It made for a slow morning and needless to say I am not in any of this year’s Christmas pictures. I looked really bad at 7 am in the morning with a tissue in one hand and Tylenol Sinus and Congestion medicine in the other, and I just didn’t feel the need to have that look permanently documented in my scrapbooks.

I really hope you got what you wanted for Christmas and that you were healthy through this busy season. I’m looking to take my left over “cough due to cold” and see if I can exchange it for a “mild case of the sniffles”.

Thanks for nothing, Santa.


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One response to “The Christmas Cold

  1. VickiNicki

    The Christmas Cold, huh? Tylenol Cold is the best. You can even buy the “Night Time” and “Day Time” all in one box. How stinkin’ sweet is that?!
    (Well, I thought it was cool….)

    I hope you feel better! 🙂

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