Welcome to 2008!

Happy New Year!

We rang in 2008 by eating too much junk food, watching the Peach Bowl, and then staying up past midnight because we got caught up in the big, commerical, jump of some motorcycle stunt kid named Robbie Maddison.

The junk food part of the night came as a result of me not wanting to cook and just not having a clue as to what to have for dinner. Hubby came home early from work and I was able to coerce him into going to the grocery store with me. Food shopping on a holiday eve afternoon is not exactly the best of game plans. It seems everyone was there buying their black eyed peas and collards for their New Year’s Day dinner. I didn’t grow up with that and since I’m not a fan of either of those food groups, we don’t participate in that tradition.

Instead we were buying junk that we intended to pass off as dinner to the boys – chicken wings, potato skins, supplies to make stuffed mushrooms and avocados because I had a hankerin’ for some guacamole. When we got home and boys heard we were having party food for dinner they thought it was a great idea. The best part was that it took no brainwashing on our part to convince them.

Then I got a wild hair to make some homemade toffee, which I have never made before, but I came across, what sounded like, a really simple recipe over at a blog called Big Mama. And since I had all the ingredients I needed on hand, I decided to give it a try. Big mistake! Because now I can’t stop eating it. Not only is it really simple, but it is really good.

Then we settled in with a nice fire and watched Clemson and Auburn play in the Chik-Fil-A Peach Bowl. I think these days it’s just called the Chik-Fil-A Bowl but, being the traditionalist I am, I still call it the Peach Bowl. Since we didn’t really have a “dog in that fight”, we didn’t care which team won, but it was a really good game that Auburn finally won in overtime. (Today will be the big bowl day for our household when my husband is cheering for his Tennessee Volunteers against Wisconsin and I’ll be yelling “Go Dawgs” for Georgia in the Sugar Bowl against Hawaii!)

With midnight approaching, J became insistent that we must have a “toast” to ring in the new year. I guess he’s seen one too many commercials this holiday season. So in an effort to humor him and because it became obvious that this was somehow a big deal to him, I got down and dusted off my crystal, champagne flutes – which have not seen the light of day or midnight for that matter, since probably 1994. We filled them up with Schweppes Raspberry Ginger-Ale and at midnight EST, we drank a toast to the new year, clinked our glasses – CAREFULLY – because I don’t want to have to go searching E-Bay for my crystal pattern, and had a family group hug in front of the TV as we watched the ball drop in Times Square. Not very glamorous, but definitely a special, family moment.

Then we sat down to watch this kid jump a football field in Las Vegas and try to break the motorcycle long jump record. They had shown promo shots for this throughout the Peach Bowl so we felt a certain obligation to watch. So after an hour of promotion and a dozen condom commercials, we finally got to see the jump. Yes, it would appear that condoms are big sponsors of the motorcycle jumping sports world. Every time the commercial came on my two older boys would giggle and the youngest would say, “I don’t get it”. To which I kept thinking – “Good!” The guy made the jump , broke the record and we were tired.

Having welcomed the New Year into our home, we all went to bed at 12:30 am. I think a good time was had by all and the best part for me was that I spent the evening with my favorite party people – my Hubby and my Boys.

Blessings to you and yours in 2008.



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4 responses to “Welcome to 2008!

  1. Sis

    You had me at “Stuffed Mushrooms”!! Mmmmm…..


  2. Yeah, Hubby decided he wanted those instead of a b-day cake, so we had giant stuffed mushrooms. I thought about you as we ate them. We’ll have to make those for our next get together.

  3. VickiNicki

    Stuffed Mushrooms!!! So not fair!!!!!!

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