I Keep Forgetting to Remember – Part II

So evidently I’m not the only one.

The only one forgetting things, that is. I spoke to Sis the other night and she says the same thing is starting to happen to her. And I had coffee Saturday morning with an old friend from high school and she said she was worried because she couldn’t remember things like she used to could and she was afraid she might have the beginnings of Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Wow! Do I feel better. Not because Sis and my friend are forgetting things and are worried, but that maybe this memory thing, or lack of it, is something normal. I’ve really been hoping so anyway.

Then I came across an article in the paper about memory loss. It would seem that what we are experiencing is normal. NORMAL, people! Oh, I do feel better.

If memory serves me, and we all know I’m on shaky ground here, the article said that our brains start to shrink around age 30 and continue to do so throughout the rest of our lives. That means I’ve got a good 14 years worth of shrinkage to my credit. So, while I can’t for the life of me get my butt to shrink, all I have to do is sit around, get old and my brain will shrivel away into a peanut.

Okay, so maybe I’m over reacting, but the shrinking part is true. The article also said that the part of the brain that is shrinking is the part we use to recall facts, figures, dates, trivia, etc. that we have stored over the years. The info is still there, it just takes more time to retrieve it.

So, see – I would have eventually remembered Hubby’s birthday. It just would have probably taken me a few more days to do so. You know, he really didn’t have to be so impatient.

I didn’t forget his birthday. I just needed a little extra time to remember.



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2 responses to “I Keep Forgetting to Remember – Part II

  1. canearl

    That makes me feel so much better! I thought that my memory loss was due to all of the brain cells I’ve lost over the last 5 years due to my kids :).

  2. You know, there are homeopathic remedies for memory loss?

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