Gettin’ Back Into the Groove

Well, we’ve survived our first week back at school and work after a nice long winter, holiday, oh what the heck, Christmas break. And it wasn’t exactly easy.

Hubby was out of town on business. I can share that with you now, but I didn’t want all the Internet freaks to know that I was home alone all week, because you never know who might be reading.

M overslept 2 mornings in a row. Thank goodness for mom’s internal clock. OK, not really. I had my clock radio alarm turned up REALLY loud or I would have overslept as well.

G threw up Wednesday night. I’m not sure if it was something he ate, a virus or the fact that he was truly “sick” of school already. Thankfully, he’s feeling better so whatever the case, it was short lived.

J seemed to have the best week. It turns out he’s (literally) a ROCK star at school because he got a rock tumbler for Christmas and they’ve just started a science section on rocks and minerals this week. Who knew rock tumblers had that much power to improve your popularity. If only I had known when I was in school that that’s all it took. {sigh}

As for me, I’m glad to have some semblance of order and routine back in my household. I mean really, there’s only so much sleeping until 10 am, watching Lifetime TV and eating toffee that a person can handle.


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